The 5 Main Types of Logos..

It is important to understand that a logo is the visual representation of a company and needs to symbolise their values and beliefs and must appeal to the target market.

Here are some important questions you can ask yourself when creating a logo:

  • Who is the target market?
  • What is the company or businesses emphasis?
  • What is the logo trying to communicate?
  • Will the style appeal to the target market?
  • Does the logo look aesthetically pleasing?
  • Is the logo legible when I increase or decrease it’s size?


Symbol or Icon

The logo is portrayed in a simplistic manner, focusing on the main attributes of the image that is being represented. It is important to design a conceptual logo, rather than a literal illustration of the image. Most people remember simple icons or symbols rather than detailed illustrative artworks. Here are a few examples of successful Symbol or icon logos below:


Word Mark

These logos display the company or business name. To create a word mark logo a customised typeface is created to advocate the business brand. Here are some examples of Word Mark logos below:


Letter Mark 

Letter mark logos are typographical in appearance and are stimulated by the initials of the company brand. They are used to represent a company if the name is too long, or is to hard to pronounce, or not distinct enough in weight. Here are a few examples below of letter mark logos.


Combination Mark

So what is a combination logo? If we think of the word combination it usually means merging two elements together. Therefore a combination logo would be a letter mark logo and icon or symbol logo combined together. Combination logos provide flexibility for companies as they can use them together or by themselves and still be well recognised by the consumer. Here are some great examples of logos below:


Emblem Logo

Emblem Logos include the company name within the design. The elements can not be used separately like Combination Mark logos. Here are some good examples below of Emblem Logos:


So there you have it, the 5 main types of logos created in industry!

Happy designing!


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