Five Visual Branding Tips your business should know

Creating an effective visual brand is important when developing your business! Here are a five key tips on how to build a professional visual brand for your business.


It is very important that businesses remain consistent in their branding. If you chose a colour or a typeface that does not meet the businesses style, you can confuse your target market with other brands, even your competitors. To ensure you do not become inconsistent with your branding, it is a good idea to establish a style guide.


2. Be Original

Don’t be tempted to copy other buisnesses branding! It is so easy to want to use and adapt other successful designs. Don’t! You will lose trust with your audience and can end up in all sorts of illegal trouble. Push yourself to be original and your business will defiantly benefit from it.


3. Chose a Target Audience

It is important to pick a specific demographic for your brand. Although you may like the idea of appealing to everyone it is very challenging and almost impossible to archive this. So pick a niche and portray a visual brand that reflects the values of your target audience.


4. Select appropriate visuals

Ensure that the visuals including fonts, colours and imagery, appeal to the target audience! Stay away from the cliche and stereotypical images, they will make your company look unprofessional and degrade your brand.

5. Your Brand isn’t all about the logo

Your brand doesn’t revolve just around your logo! It is important to have an application friendly logo that can adapt to imagery and other colours within your brand. As well as work towards creating your brand style.



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