How to create Successful Stationery!

Ever wanted to know how to design effective stationery for yourself or a clients business? Well here are six important tips to keep in mind when designing stationery.

Colour Scheme:

Colour is important in making sure your stationery stands out from the crowd. Make sure you consider the colour you use; does it match your logo design? Does it reflect the business you are designing for? Does it draw the audiences attention in a positive way? These are important questions you should ask yourself when designing stationery for a company.


Paper Stock quality:

The paper you chose to print your stationery on can influence how cheap or expensive your business is perceived through your clientele. If you are designing stationery for a business that is known for it’s ‘low prices,’ you might stick to photocopy paper, as the consumer understands it is cheap. However, if you are designing for a high premium company it is essential to use high quality paper, for example, glossy or textured paper.


Contact Information:

Always include the correct information on all elements of your stationery. You should include:

  • The company name
  • Mailing address
  • Phone number
  • Fax number
  • Website
  • Email
  • ABN Number

Make sure you check the Australia Post website to ensure all measurements are up to standard for posting your stationery.


Make sure your design is legible! The information you present in your designs must be clear and easy to read. Stick to two fonts at the most. Remember you can use a family of fonts to show contrast and variety in your design, without cluttering it.


If you do use imagery on your stationery make sure it is consistent across all designs. Good imagery to use in your designs could include:

  • An image of the CEO of the business.
  • The building of the business.
  • An image or graphic closely aligned with your logo.

Do not use clip art or similar imagery! It looks tacky and unprofessional.



You may feel the urge to fill the design with imagery and text so there is no white space. This will aid to a cluttered design that will distract your client from the important things, like contact information. It is important to know as designers that less is more when creating stationery! White space is important and should be used to create a successful design.





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