How to Create an Effective Layout!

It is important when designing layouts for print or the web that you ensure you communicate information clearly and effectively. To create a successful layout, it requires placement, arrangement and formatting of elements. You may find yourself at times placing elements on a page, just because you think it looks good, however cannot explain why! Well here are some top tips to help create an effective Layout.

1. Create a focal point

It is important to have a focal point within your composition to draw interest in your layout. Make sure you chose an element that communicates the message you are conveying within your design, whether it be an image, graphic or text. Some ways to create a focal point is through the principles including scale, contrast and repetition.

2. Rule of Thirds

Rule of Thirds is an easy and effective technique that divides your design into three rows and three columns. Where the horizontal and vertical lines meet is where the focal points should be located. This allows for an effective and striking layout.


3. White Space

You don’t always need to fill every segment of the design for it to feel finished. White space when used appropriately can enhance your designs clarity and ensure it is balanced correctly, allowing it to breathe.


4. Scale and Hierarchy

Scale and Hierarchy can be either the make or break of your design. It is important to arrange the design elements in order of visual signal importance. This is where scale is necessary, you can enlarge and make an element bolder or reduce and make an element faint to create an effective hierarchy within the design.


5. Alignment

It is important that you align all elements on the page. Don’t just throw them on page and call it finished! Alignment between elements creates a sharp, neat and effective layout that is easy to navigate and is legible.

6. Repetition

Repeating an element within your design can provide a strong sense of cohesion and display a balanced composition. To create a consistent layout, you could repeat specific elements in your design. This could be a typeface style, a graphic motif or an image. Repeating an element within a multi page layout allows each page to flow effectively.


There are many things that must be taken into consideration when designing a  composition. Keep persisting with you designs, you may not get it the first or second time, but you will get there!


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