Design Trends 2016!

Design Trends don’t simply appear! They become popular gradually over time and disappear slowly without people even noticing. As designers you should become aware of these shifts coming and leaving the design industry.

Here are a few possible trends to keep an eye out for in 2016!

Geometric Shapes!

Geometric Shapes and patterns are constantly seen as a motif within designs popular in 2016! This trend can be applied in various ways including graphic elements, backgrounds and illustrative techniques!

Hint: Check out “Low Poly” which was derived from the 3D Modelling technique implemented in video games. It is used outside of the gaming world now in web and print designs.


Figure and Ground!


Figure and Ground is implemented within any successful design! Negative and Positive Space can add double meaning to your design, and is used mainly in creating logos and branding projects. It also allows your design to look simplistic and minimal.


Minimalistic and Abstract Styles!

This trend portrays designs that present aspects of minimalism, focussing on deconstructing and distorting graphic forms, rearranging them to create new designs. Using geometric shapes and bold colours is an effective way of creating a minimalist design.


Custom Illustrations and Graphics!

Custom illustrations and graphics are regularly replacing stock photos and images. As designers we want to remain original and ensure our work is not generic. How embarrassing would it be if the same image you used in your design was on a competitor’s website or poster. Therefore, it is important to do the extra work to make sure your graphics and illustrations stand out from the crowd.


Dramatic Typography! 

Typography isn’t all about the legibility! Obviously it is important that the audience can read it, but it is much more than that. Typography makes a statement! You can create character and give your text personality through size, colour, texture, arrangement and pattern.


Make sure you don’t just implement a trend in your design to look trendy! Ensure it fits the project you are completing and be original!


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