5 Tips to a unique Business Card!

Business cards are a reflection of you and your business. When designed effectively they can help make a great first impression and seal the deal between you and a client. Here are a few key tips to take into consideration when designing a unique business card!

 Orientation and Shape

Most business cards orientation is horizontal. However, by changing it to a vertical orientation, you can make your card stand out from the crowd. In addition, experiment with a different business card shape. Most business cards are in a rectangular format, however a square is an elegant shape that presents an original business card format. You could also place it on an angle like a diamond, to generate a more original design.

2016-newest-designer-font-b-die-b-font-font-b-cutting-b-font-font-b-customizedContrasting Colours

By implementing contrasting colours within your design it allows your business card to  remain simple and interesting.



Transparency paper adds an effective and unique touch to your design. Either overlapped or seperate, it allows light through to reveal what appears underneath. Another effect you can create using transparency paper is to apply ink on the card to generate windows. You could do this with either your type, logo or graphic.


Interchangeable Graphics

Interchangeable Graphics associated with your business adds variety to your cards. The designs will still remain cohesive, however create more interest and fun with your design.


Clarify your message

Implement Graphics that display the service you or your client provides. Make sure the message is clear to the viewer.


There you have it, a few tips to keep in mind when designing business cards! Happy Designing!



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