A few words for the Designer…

Have you ever been curious on how designers create compositions? How they decide where each individual element should be placed within a design? Well, Design Central has all the answers you need to know, to create an effective and successful design.

So, what is Graphic Design I hear you ask? You might say it’s creating posters, advertisements and brochures, using softwares including Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator CC. This is true, however Graphic Design is so much more complex then that. If an image can say a thousand words, imagine what a well designed poster or advertisement could say! Design Central breaks down the different aspects of Graphic Design and provides you with different tips and tricks on how to enhance your own designs.

It is essential that all Graphic Designers understand and know the key Elements and Principles of Design to ensure they can justify why they place certain components on a page. The principles of design are used as guidelines to create a successful design and should not be neglected. There are many rules in the Graphic Design industry, however not all of them will always apply. It’s important to implement elements and principles wherever appropriate.

Similarly, there are many rules and terms that we as designers should know when it comes to Typography, to ensure our designs look professional. Although, Design Central goes in depth with a few key terms and concepts, it is important to research and become familiar with the different typography rules used in industry today.

Likewise, Design Central informs upcoming designers on other aspects of Graphic Design including, advertising, branding and cooperate identity. Many designers in the industry today are confused with ‘how to brand and influence people,’ nonetheless AGDA (Australian Graphic Design Association) is holding an event to shed some light on the matter and resolve any preconceived ideas that are false in regard to Branding and Cooperate Identity this year.

Graphic Design is a complex subject, however can be defined as solving problems visually, being innovative and communicating ideas to the target audience. As upcoming Graphic Designers it is important to continue learning about the latest trends in industry, to remain successful and up to date. To archive this we must stay up to speed with what technology has to offer us. Technology enables us as Graphic Designers to create designs, that twenty years ago would seem unimaginable. It is so easy to remain in our old ways and continue producing designs, with technology and programs that are familiar to us. However, in order to stay innovative and competitive within the industry it is essential that we investigate and learn new programs and forms of technology. For example, the Adobe CC software that operates on PC and Apple computers are prominent within the industry today. This software allows us as designers to create and produce professional designs. In spite of that, many Graphic Designers are oblivious to the new Adobe CC Apps that can be operated using an Apple iPad. These apps provide designers with new possibilities and allow us to become more innovative with the way in which we design. Therefore, it is crucial to continue researching new technologies and softwares.

In addition, there are many Graphic Design networks that provide insight on what the latest trends are in industry. Trends emerge over a period of time and gradually become popular. They are influenced by culture, media, technology, fashion, art and other industries. It is pivotal that we connect with Graphic Design Social Networks to ensure we are made known in the industry. Unfortunately it doesn’t matter if you have the tools, talent and the drive of a graphic designer, at the end of the day it comes down to who you know. So make sure you connect!

In conclusion, if your interested in becoming a Graphic Designer ensure you know the key elements and principles. Check out popular Graphic Designers work and observe what they have to offer in the design industry. You can learn a lot about the different aspects of graphic design by simply reviewing and analysing their work. Furthermore, keep up to date with the latest trends and technologies that arise in industry, to remain competitive and innovative. Lastly, stay connected with social networks!