Marketing Plan

Design Central aims to reach those studying and interested in becoming a graphic designer. It explores the current trends and provides the target audience with tips and techniques to help individuals grow as  graphic designers. The primary audience are individuals who study graphic design, the secondary audience are teachers and graphic design educators, and the tertiary audience are individuals who are interested in learning about different aspects of graphic design.

The Design Central blog will reach the primary, secondary and tertiary audiences through, eDM’s and social networks including, a business Facebook account, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkIn. The audience is able to leave comments and communicate directly on the blog, as well as on social networks about topics that are being discussed. All questions will be replied to and feedback will be taken into consideration.

The budget will be minimal for the blog as I acquire the graphic design skills to create and formulate the content provided in the blog. The budget will be between $300-$400 to cover the cost of the domain name and cover the cost to create and write the blog fortnightly for six months.

The marketing campaign will last for at least six months and continue, depending on how successful it is. The success of the Design Central Blog will be measured by the  metrics; repeat visitors, time on site and social sharing. Furthermore, 800 or more visitors will need to reach the design central blog each month, and spend at least 10 minutes each visit to achieve the metrics successfully. Being seen as an ‘expert’ in graphic design would also indicate that the blog is successful.

In conclusion, this marketing plan will attract individuals to the Design Central Blog, allowing the audience to grow. As a result, I will influence the graphic design industry, providing information about the current trends, tips and techniques that are relevant today.