Transmedia: “Rumour Has It…”



Concept: The Transmedia video called “Rumour Has It…” portrays how fast rumours spread by using social media (i.e. Facebook, Messenger and Snap Chat). The rumour is about a person getting murdered in the science lab at school. The environment highlights a prominent place where rumours are spread in today’s society. By implementing social media within the transmedia film, it also convey’s how rumours are spread in this day and age. Furthermore, the time at the top of the interface occurs quite fast, emphasising how quick rumours spread. The rumour circles back to the person who started it, to show the lifecycle of a rumour. Although, it doesn’t clearly state what really happened in the Science Lab, it allows the viewer to imagine what could of taken place for this rumour to occur. Was there a break in? Or  a chemical fire? Or a gas leak? The possibilities are endless.

Digital Devices Used: MacBook Pro, iPad, iPhone.

Softwares Used: iMovie, Premiere Pro CCX-Mirage

Process: To create this transmedia film our group mirrored our phones up to a Mac Computer and used X-Mirage to capture the interface and record the messages being sent and the snapchat recording.  To edit the film captured we used a combination of iMovie and Premiere Pro CC. Premiere Pro CC was used to position the footage to mimic a split screen, on the right, centre and left. iMovie was used to cut and edit the footage together, add transitions and add Music to create this transmedia film.

How did I contribute to the film? 

Helped devise the script, contributed to sending the texts and recording the snapchat, edited the finished transmedia film.